We are exclusive carriers of the top French line, Rene Furterer, the finest hair care from France. Rene Furterer combines the best of nature with pharmaceutical expertise for innovative, safe and effective products and is the ultimate secret for healthy, gorgeous hair. Our Brazilian Blowout products use innovative and break through bonding technologies.These treatments and products actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. We also carry Morrocan Oil products which are antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas that are unmatched and provide dramatic results.

“ At Salon Xavier We Strive to Bring Our Clients
Not Only the Highest Level of Service and
Expertise But Also the Best Products. ”

Made in the USA, our amazing skincare line, Skinceuticals, is used and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, medical spas and premium spas to both correct the signs of aging and prevent future damage. Skinceuticals is advanced skincare backed by science. Another product we use and carry from France, for skin, is Biologique Recherche. The Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Our Me!Bath body line is the result of an effort to do simple things exceedingly well. With the highest quality of ingredients and meticulous preparation Me!Bath brings our clients a sumptuous, beautifully smelling and blissful experience.


Professional Brands We Carry

  • Rene Furterer
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Moroccanoil
  • Goldwell
  • Skinceuticals
  • Biologique Recherche
  • Miracle Skin
  • Essie
  • Whet
  • Me! Bath

Please see our in salon retail boutique for the full lines of all
our professional products